Sunday, July 15, 2012

The 4th

Since the 4th was almost 2 weeks ago now it seems fitting that I'd post a few pictures from the day. Ha! Well, since it was one of those miserable 100+ degree days we really didn't do too much. That afternoon Casey tried taking the older 2 to the parade downtown (I stayed home with Mary Etta who was napping). It was so awfully hot! He said even in the shade the kids were saying how hot they were (and they don't often tell us they are hot!) I think they were gone maybe 30-45 minutes?! So the rest of the day we ended up not going anywhere---and rather played in the sprinkler, ate some barbeque, and tried to keep cool in our air conditioning!

typical picture with these 3 these days---Reed is always trying to be silly and goof off in pictures

Sweet sisters....these 2 are all the time lately telling me that they love the other one and that they are friends. It truly is so sweet and warms my heart to see them enjoy each other so much! Now they love their brother too....if he is at a friend's house or with Casey and we are just having girl time they constantly ask about him and when they'll see him. Even though there are fights here and there it is a joy to see them all truly grow in becoming the best of friends!

This sweet baby has a big birthday tomorrow.......her momma truly is in denial that she is turning 3 years old! She has been and is such a little joy---and such the baby of our family; I love her being 2 and it's so bittersweet to know tomorrow she officially turns 3. We had a sweet weekend celebrating with a few close friends and my mom; so more to come tomorrow and this week of her celebrations!

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