Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our Summer


summer is one of those crazy, flies by, super busy times of the year. You feel like it barely begins and then before you know it fall is just around the corner. Last summer we spent a month at summer project, vacation, visits to supporters and family.......but this summer has looked a little different.....in many ways.
we enjoyed another vacation---this year with my entire family

We had fun taking swimming lessons

Loved playing with our neighbors/friends....especially in the sprinkler

Riding our bikes

we have spent many days headed to cool off at the pool with friends

Enjoying VBS and summer camp (no picture from Reed going to nature camp....but he loved it! and was so excited to go somewhere everyday for a week 9-12!)

Fun celebrating birthdays.....Mary Etta's birthday at the doughnut shop that morning

Redoing our bathroom! More on that to come later--it still looks like this.

 Looking for some furniture.........we sold the big desk in our front living room (so I'm in major organization mode, as I feel we have stuff everywhere and no system or place to put it!) and need to figure out what we want to do with that front living room. Also, realizing it's time to take the baby out of the crib---since she is 3 years old. So I've been looking at bunk bed options. Not only is it time for Mary Etta to be in a big girl bed, but it looks like we may need to put all 3 children in one room soon so we can make room for..........

Yes our new BABY!!! Due late November/Early December!

Sweet baby we are thankful you are growing and God has blessed us yet again. We are definitely undeserving! Though I won't say this ride hasn't been without lots of emotions and things to process as we move from our family of 5 to soon to be 6!

So one most recent big summer events......all 5 of us going to the doctor to find out if we are going to have a baby brother or sister. As you can imagine we were all really hoping to have that baby brother to even things out in our house, but I believe God had other plans for us because now that I'm 20 weeks we found out last Friday we are going to be adding.........

PINK! Oh yes GIRL #3 will be joining the Willis family! 

Oh my.....quite shocking to us all; I think we really truly believed it would be a boy.
We are all adjusting more to the idea and trying to embrace what will become our new normal in just a few short months. She doesn't have a name really at this point---but I'm so slow in ever making this decision every time. But isn't it funny we were so set and ready with our boy names. Oh well, we have a few we've tossed around so hopefully we'll eventually come up with something. It still kinda all feels surreal in the daily craziness of our life.....but my growing belly is making it truly evident this is real. God has blessed so much more abundantly than we could have imagined; and I often don't feel I'm truly thankful of that. Praying for peace and contentment as we look to this new season/phase/transition for our family!


  1. Oh my..can't wait to hear her name. God is faithful and he knows what he's doing with that little girl.

    Was that Reeds reaction in the picture to it being a girl, hehe. he looks a little upset. :)

  2. Alex! that picture was actually before we went back to ultrasound. but i'm sure he was like "seriously do we have to always take a picture?!!" ha! but he does keep saying "his baby brother" and i have to correct him--he's not quite adapted to the reality yet : )

  3. That is such wonderful news!!! Congratulations!!

  4. CONGRATS on baby #4. So happy for y'all!

  5. congratulations erica! wonderful news!!!

  6. So exciting Erica!! So happy to hear your baby news.

  7. Wow. . . baby #4!! Just read your exciting news. Congrats to you and your family!