Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Travels

At the end of May we were gone for a little over a week. We spent a wonderful week in Florida with all my family. It was fun having family together time, the kids loved playing together each day and really got along so well! I think they are just finally getting old enough to really enjoy one another and be excited to see each other---it's really sweet! 

I love this picture of Reed and my nephew, Brody, running to the beach with the sand buckets

Cousin ice cream party! We've had 6 kids in less than 6 years in my family.....basically since Reed (who was born in 2006 and is 5 1/2 years) every year a baby has been born!
L-R: Rett (7 months), Isaac (2 years), EC (4 years), Brody (5 years), Reed (5 1/2 years), Mary Etta (3 years)

One of the few pictures like this that I could get of all 3 together

bathing beauty covered in sand

our date night for the week---getting ready to go to our favorite, The Red Bar!

Family Photo time......

She really is a little Casey

On way home we spent couple days in Georgia with my mother-in-law and got to see our nephews. Reed loves playing with his big boy cousins!

Back home and having fun in the sprinkler with our neighbors across the street!

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  1. I love these family beach pics! Happy Birthday to Emmie! :)