Monday, July 2, 2012

Little Fish

So last month we did a 8 day round of swimming lessons. We did these lessons last year and were very pleased with both Reed and Emery-Claire's experiences. So this year we signed up all 3! Mary Etta is pretty much a little fish---and very eager and excited to get right in. Emery-Claire remains the timid one and shed quite a few tears the first day or two. But eventually she loved it and transitioned so much faster than last year! 

all 3 ready for the first day of lessons---don't you love mary etta's face! 

our excited swimmer! she constantly would smile her big little teethy smile and wave to me saying "hi mommy!"

adjusted and loving the water!

mary etta loved her teacher, Ms. Amanda---she still is talking about her! so sweet!

Reed really has done so well! He is continuing to use his swimming skills on our weekly visits to the pool now that the lessons are over!

Shocked completely when this girl said she wanted to jump off the diving board! And she did it the last 2 days of classes! We were so proud of her and she was so proud of herself!

This little guy not only jumped off the diving board every day, but he jumped off the high dive the last 2 days of classes too! Not a single fear! Such a change from my once very timid and unsure little boy---he sure is growing up!

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