Sunday, July 22, 2012

Birthday fun

So we got to celebrate our sweet girl all weekend before her birthday! It was so fun and so sweet to see her enjoy just the little things about a birthday--now at 3 years old. 

 We had a fun playdate at Chick Fil-A friday morning. For MONTHS Mary Etta had been saying she wanted a "snow white" party---not sure why because she's never seen the movie but just seen pictures or books with snow white in them. So I found some plates, cups, napkins on a party website and used those for our breakfast playtime party---and she was so excited!

Can't believe our baby is 3! She still is baby to me.......but yet growing into such a big girl!

Mary Etta was so excited that Daddy came by for a bit to help celebrate her birthday too!

Sweet friends celebrating with us! The boys would not be in the picture so just the girls made this photo. Eden, Caroline and Mary Etta have become such a threesome in the past year. It's been so sweet watching these girls get excited to see each other and look forward to their time together. And how even more of a blessing both of their mommas have become to me! I am thankful for these dear friends!

Big brother helping her get ready to blow out her candle at our family celebration at home that night

Excited to get her "snow White" doll from Gigi.....such a fun surprise! She's adored this doll and not let it out of her sight since opening it!

So thankful for these 3 blessings.......everyday is full of adventure and both challenging and joyful times--want to truly embrace and cherish them all! Love them so much! 

Thankful that Gigi came to celebrate and spend some time with us over the weekend. We haven't seen her since our beach trip in May so they soaked up every minute of her time here! 

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