Sunday, May 25, 2008

20 months old

In all the craziness of having a new baby I didn't want it to get overlooked that our sweet boy turned 20 months on Friday! It is so wild having a new tiny baby, Reed seems like such a giant now in comparison to her! But he continues to be so fun and so full of energy! He has mastered climbing on the furniture now. He could climb on some things, but now can really pull himself on most anything, including the dinning room table--yikes! He has learned how to open all the cabinets by manuvering the child proof locks and opening them anyways. He is imitating most anything we say, so speech does seem to continue to progress. He still LOVES being outside as much as he can, but what toddler doesn't. He is just sweet, sweet, sweet! It is such a joy and a privilege to watch him grow, learn, and explore his environment each and every day. And just such a privilege that the Lord has blessed us with this precious boy, who we continue to pray will never remember a day without hearing the great and glorious truths of our Lord, Jesus!
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  1. love the shirt. isnt is funny how huge your first kid seems when you have the second?

  2. hey! willis family...I miss you guys and have loved catching up on your blog this past week! I wish I was there to meet emery claire! Addison sends her love to reed!
    I will be praying for you as you are settling in! Love, kathy