Thursday, May 1, 2008

No more paci.....

Well, I thought since we're about to have a multitude of transitions I would try to space them out. Baby, moving, big bed, no more paci.......which is the only one I can do right now, so today is day one of "no more paci." He survived two naps---which is another area we're working on, but since I had a doctor's appointment today Casey laid him down for a brief period this morning so he could get some work done. So after crying for about 30 minutes (both this morning and afternoon) he did fall asleep without the paci. So now it's bed time and it's so sad to listen to him crying right now! We are trying to replace paci with his "teddy"--which he seems to love to hug and snuggle, it's really sweet-- but I know he's wanting the paci bad! So hopefully this transition won't be too traumatic for us all and in the next couple days quickly be past us!

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