Saturday, May 24, 2008

Family of Four.....

"Big Bro" came to visit his new little sister in the hospital......he was so sweet to love and kiss her!

Our sweet little Emery Claire....sleep, sleep, sleep seems to be all she does, such a change of pace from a very active toddler who is so busy these days!
We came home yesterday afternoon. It is so nice to finally be home, though the hospital was probably a little more quiet and relaxing than our wild house! But so far Reed has been sweet to his sister, or as sweet as a 20 month old can be. He tries to pat her, though it's a little rough, and he kisses her. Right now he is thoroughly enjoying having Nana's undivided attention. And getting lots of new "surprises" from all his grandparents. Nana brought a tricycle, Grandpa and Grandma Debby brought a sandbox full of goodies, and next week Gigi and Pops are bringing some other sort of fun surprise too! So thank you to you all, for helping us and being many extra sets of hands with our busy boy!
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  1. She is so beautiful!!!! So glad she got here safely!!!!

  2. so sweet! I love that reed wants to kiss and pat her. She is really pretty too!

  3. She is so beautiful! Can't wait to meet her and hold her in person! :)