Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

This is our Mother's Day picture from the weekend.......We never got around to taking any yesterday, with church, lunch, then immediately naptime.....whoooo, it was a good day, but lately (as in true toddler form) some days are more challenging than others---and unfortunately yesterday (after nap til bedtime) was kinda rough. We do have a sweet, sweet boy, but he is a toddler, so the days of testing and power struggles seem to be quite often.
On another note, after quite some praying these past 9 months, we have scheduled a c-section for baby girl Willis next Tuesday, May 20th, at 8 am. I really desired to try and go for a v-bac, but at this point we feel the Lord is giving us more clarity and discernment to make this decision. Unless of course she decides to come before that date, which the past two weeks I've progressed some, but no labor on its own yet. So I'll be 38-38 1/2 weeks then, so I know she'll be fine---I almost wish we could do it this week, poor Reed is having to have a Mommy ask for his forgiveness ALOT lately--as I feel my patience and nerves are at the end of their rope! So I'm definitely ready to have this baby and not be pregnant. I definitely feel the Lord is sanctifying me, as all I seem to see is my sinful heart these days.....oh but how sweet the Gospel of our Lord Jesus is, and I'm so thankful that as I remind myself of it I have the privilege and opportunity to share it with my sweet boy who also is a blessing from God!
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  1. I totally hear you on the toddler stage and having to ask forgiveness a lot! Praise the Lord for grace! Not long until your baby girl is here. That is wonderful! I didn't make the girls' dresses. Someday maybe I'll learn to sew but I haven't yet! They are from Pears and Bears, where my sister works. They have a website, if you want to see more.