Thursday, May 29, 2008

A true sport

Standing with some help from Daddy.
Scoot, scoot, scoot....he still manages to get all around--nothing stops our little, active guy!

As some of you have heard, our sweet boy has a broke leg--or so we think! Monday he was going down a slide and his left foot got caught behind him. So Casey spent the next 7 hours in the ER with him, making it a very long day! They could never find the break or fracture on several x-rays that were done, but because he wouldn't stand to bear weight on it or attempt to walk, they assume it's broken. So for now it has a splint on it--a half cast around the back and sides of the leg, with ace bandage wrapped up all around it. He truly has been a sport in handling it all. Though we can see he is getting a little more frustrated with it everyday. It is finally so warm and beautiful up here, and he has gotten so many fun and new outside toys, but can't play with any of them right now. So I feel so bad for him. Casey's been great to take him on walks, and swing him in the yard. Mom is here too, so they've been blowing bubbles and sitting on the porch lots. So at least he can enjoy the nice warm weather, though I know our active little guy would love to be running everywhere in the yard if he could! So you can pray for us all right now, as the next few weeks will probably be very trying and we will need the Lord to give us lots of grace to one another and sustain us too! We go on Tuesday next week for a follow up appointment with a orthopedic to see if the "brake" is healing (apparently they can see the healing process of the bone, in bone growth, if it is broken in later x-rays when they never could see a brake in the initial x-rays). And of course if it was never broken then I guess it will all be removed and we'll hopefully be back to normal. Of course I'm praying for that to be the second opinion, but Casey feels it's really broken, so we'll see!
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  1. Poor little guy! Nothing like adding in a little trauma to the mix of a new baby around the house! Hang in there!