Friday, May 16, 2008

Watching the Horses

One day last week while I was running errands Casey took Reed on a drive and went by a horse farm. I thought these pictures they took were cute of him by the fence, so I thought I'd post them. He said Reed loved it and of course we're still working on calling them "horses" and not "dogs." As he also does this with cars and trucks, trucks are "cars." Casey said the other day there was a firetruck outside our house working on the hydrant and as usual Reed's eyes got HUGE as he pointed and yelled with excitement---"car, car," so they went out there to talk to the firemen and see the truck. Casey said at that point Reed actually did say "truck"--yeah! I haven't heard it yet, but at least we know it's in there. We're still mostly hearing lots of single word approximations, and I think he sometimes gets real frustrated when we don't know what exactly he wants. So we're working alot on really modeling some of the words he has a harder time with in his we're getting there with speech. But of course his speech therapist mom is trying to be as patient as she can, knowing this is so typical for boys, and that the important thing is that it is changing and progressing---just a slower than I'd like it to.
And with little sister arriving in a matter of days now, he is about to have a huge transition! Praying that he adjusts smoothly and quickly---as he did with the removal of paci. That went great by the way......he has attached to Teddy very nicely and after about 2-3 days of crying for 20-30 minutes at nap and bedtime, it was over! So yeah, so glad that was a smooth success!
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