Thursday, December 11, 2008

4 years ago today......

Four years ago today was Saturday, December 11, 2004. At 2 pm in the afternoon life changed as I knew it! Being 29 years old, how I had awaited my wedding day for what seemed like decades! And after meeting Casey Willis in October 2003, little did I know that day would soon be ahead us. Four years doesn't really seem like much time at all when you are 33 years old, but yet I don't remember much of what life was like before him either. Through the joys, tears, and hard times I am still so thankful for the man God has placed in my life! Marriage is definitely not easy, but yet I cannot imagine going through all that we've been through with anyone else. God brought us together for a reason, and for that we are so richly blessed to walk through our journey of life, His story of redemption together! It is a privilege to call you my husband, my mate, my best friend.....I love you Casey!