Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Some Christmas pictures and Happy New Year!

Well, what else can one on a lovely New Year's Eve (so bummed to miss the party all are friends are at :(--- when your family has been sick for almost a week now?! Stuck out of town and a camera full of pictures, so download and blog of course! So here are some of the pictures we captured before the dreaded Rotavirus struck our family on Christmas day, last Thursday evening. A little out of order, but these two pictures are Reed with his favorite pasttime at my mom and stepdad's house....trains! Donnie loves trains and has a entire moldel railway system he is always working on and building in the basement. Reed asks constantly to go down there and "go see the choochoos!" These pictures are from Monday night after getting discharged from the hospital, so he was so happy to go down there and watch the trains for a little while.
Trying on new boots from Nana.
Reed posing with Grandpa and Grandma (my dad and stepmom).

The adorable newlyweds, aren't they so cute and snuggly!!

Well, after we get moved and settled, hopefully we'll begin some potty training. So here is Reed already making some good practice, as he totally just sat down on his new potty with this book---is this just innate or something?!!

My crazy sisters and newphew, Brody!

The best picture we could get of everyone at my mom's....of course the kids are all looking all different directions, oh well.

Aunt Nee-Nee and Emery-Claire....wish I had been more in front of them as they are both smiling so big, so cute!

The boys having a blast decorating cookies at Gigi's.

Showing Pops his Chick-Fil-A gift card that was in his stocking. Oh and I did do the applique on his shirt, thanks so much for the helpful pointers Em! The ones I've done since then have turned out so much better!

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