Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What we've been up to.....

I've been trying my hand at a few projects lately. The first are Emery-Claire's letters painted on canvas' to hang over her bed. Please don't zoom in closely as I know you will see LOTS of imperfections and mess ups. I traced them from some patterns I had, so I like the "w" and the "c" but am not real happy with the way the "e" turned out. Oh well, they are done and I don't think I'm up for doing it again, so for now this is how they will stay.

The next is my sewing.......I finally got a machine for my birthday in October, and have been practicing with little odds and ends before finally tackling my first project--a dress for Emery-Claire! So below are the pictures....I did use a pattern which really helped make it alot easier. But overall (even though I know there are imperfections on the dress too) I feel like it wasn't all that bad! So I look forward to trying some other projects in the near future for her again!

I even did covered buttons! Easier than I thought, and seem to finish it off nicely. I may have it monogrammed with a green "W" in the middle, but haven't done that yet.

Me and my girl! If you are wondering, I also had my hair chopped off! It's not the greatest picture of it here since it's mostly an adorable picture of her, but it's a bob slightly stacked in the back and angles down longer in the front! Very different than my usual long hairstyle, but fun to have something different! And drying and fixing seem to be a little easier because there isn't so much hair! So I've loved it so far.

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  1. you did a fantastic job on EC's dress!
    way to go!
    and I love the letters. they look perfect in her room.

  2. Way to go on both projects! I think they are both wonderful! You are inspiring me to try sewing again-I have a love/hate relationship with it...mostly because I don't know what I am doing and I have big ideas I can't do. You did so great!

  3. Love your hair, Erica! Of course, you always look beautiful!

  4. Way to go--sewing girl!! I am impressed. I like your hair--it is cute.