Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Time Events.....

Well, we have definitely had an eventual Christmas week. I haven't downloaded all the pictures so those will be coming soon. It started with last weekend being with my family. We had great family time filled with great food, seeing "A Christmas Carol" play, games, etc. Reed quickly understood "presents" and thinks daily there are some to open at this point. Since Christmas Eve we've been with Casey's family, well, mainly with his mom since my nephews have had a horrible stomach virus and had to quarantine themselves up in their home. Well, unfortunately it hit us late last night......yes, about midnight our little guy woke up crying and I went in to find him in a pool of throw up. So that was the beginning of a long night for Casey and I. It seems to have calmed down some this morning, and we're praying Emery-Claire doesn't get it! So not sure what the next few days will look like, we are supposed to be on our way to the CO New Year's conference tommorrow, but not for sure that will be the case.

We do have some good news....we did found out a house we looked at before we left town we are going to be able to rent! Yeah! It is a little smaller than what we have now, but knowing we are only renting and that it's temporary, and very close to the campus makes it very relieving to us. It is nice and new, so that makes me feel great to have something clean and fresh with young children. And the backyard is fabulous! It is so roomy for the kids to run around and fenced in, which I'm so excited about! So that was the real selling point for me!
Hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas, and no sickness, which is definitely no fun! Praying ours ends soon! We did have some friends have a sweet baby boy yesterday, so that too was great news to hear their wonderful Christmas gift arriving on Christmas day! We love you and are so excited for you Chris and Katie! Congratulations!

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  1. I hate that Reed and Emery Claire got sick. We would of loved to see them!! I hope they are feeling better today though.