Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's been a doozy....

Well, I know I wrote earlier this week about having sick kiddos. Well, since then it has gotten so much worse over the past 4 days. Saturday night about 9:30pm we decided it was time to have Reed see a doctor. He was almost lifeless, so lethargic, practically refusing to drink and had laid on the floor at my mom's all day long in and out of sleep, with constant diarrhea. So off to the ER Mom and I went, leaving Emery-Claire in the bed with my stepdad who was at home. Thank goodness we got there when we did (besides the fact that it was so packed out and we thought we'd wait there forever!) After being there probably 30 minutes the minimal Gatorade we had gotten Reed to drink earlier that day was coming out both ends, as we're sitting in the waiting room! Oh, poor little buddy, it was awful! About that time we were called back to finally see the triage nurse, where they gave us more towels and and a gown, since his pajamas had vomit and diarrhea all over them. Then finally around midnight we were called back to a room. We had wonderful nurses and a great doctor, who were great with Reed! So we were thankful for that! They did some blood work and determined he was definitely very dehydrated and in need of IV fluids. I thought he would freak out with getting the IV put in, but he did great! Though I know he was so weak and out of it, he probably didn't have much in him to fight against it. His labwork revealed he had the dreaded Rotavirus. I listed it as a link because it is a very serious virus that affects so many kids, and another factor he had against that an x-ray revealed an Ileus in his abdomen. So this making it basically impossible for him to digest anything on his own, basically his stomach was so overworked from the virus there was nothing more it could do on it's own! So the doctor felt he needed to be admitted for continuous fluid and be monitored closely to make sure all his stats improved. So up to the 3rd floor we went finally about 3am. The doctor also told us we were all exposed to this virus, and will probably have some form of it. Maybe not as severe as Reed, but some symptoms. Reed continued to improve Sunday, and little by little was drinking more and more fluids. Sunday morning Casey came to be with us as well, so I was grateful to have him be there. I know he was pretty scared that our little guy was so sick. Monday morning they felt they could stop the IV fluids and see how Reed did drinking on his own. Then by Monday afternoon they felt we could leave, yeah! So far he is doing so much better today, perking up more and more as the day went on. He is drinking well on his own, and hardly any diarrhea! Emery-Claire has had a little diarrhea since Friday, just occasionally though, and thrown up probably 2xs in the past 4 days. So the doctor said she may just have a more mild form, which may be due to the antibodies she is receiving in the breastmilk. So I am praying she stays the same and doesn't get any worse.

But as we thought we were overcoming the hump of illness, Casey started vomiting last night. He slept some and acted as if he was better this morning (with his now turning to the diarrhea), but again this afternoon he began to go downhill finally telling me he needed to see a doctor. So my stepdad took him to a walkin clinic, and he practically passed out in the waiting room! So they immediately took him to the back and gave him some IV fluids for his dehydration. He is home now and sleeping soundly.

I am the only one with no symptoms at this point. I suppose the Lord knew I needed to remain strong to take care of everyone! And I am so thankful we have been with my family, because I definitely couldn't have handled all this without my mom's help! So if everyone is doing better tommorrow, we may finally head home. But for now it's a wait and see thing. I am mainly just exhausted, so off to bed I will go soon to get a long night's sleep! Thank you to all our friends and family who have been praying for us and checking on us. We appreciate it and are thankful for you all! This is one nasty virus and has definitely been a Christmas we will never forget!


  1. Bless your heart. I know you all are in great hands with your mom. I hate I did not know about Reed in the hospital because I could have at least called to check on you guys. My boys have had the respiratory stuff but so far no stomach bug!! I pray you don't get it. Happy New Year :)

  2. Oh Erica, I am so sorry about everyone being sick. I never thought that when we saw Casey on Friday you all would still be dealing with the virus this long. I hate we missed you and the kids. I know you would have wished to be there then having with your little ones not feeling well. :( I hope everyone starts feeling better soon, and you continue to be lucky and not catch it. May God bless you with a happy and healthy new year!!

  3. I am so sorry that you all have been so sick. That must have been scary with Reed! I'm glad he's better. I'll be praying you can all make it home healthy soon!

  4. I am so sorry y'all have had to deal with all of this! I will pray for you all right now and especially that you don't get it too. Rotavirus is awful. Anna Walton had it a couple of years ago for like 10 days but it was not nearly as bad as Reed's sounds. I hope you all get better very soon.

  5. Erica,

    You guys have been on a wild ride. Sorry your family has been sick. Praise that you have not been...keep this new little one in your tummy healthy. Happy new year!!

    love you all,

    Oh, we were thrilled to hear about the sale of your home