Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A day in the life-Wednesday

I can't believe I've made it blogging this for the 3rd day in a row! I don't know how people blog long posts daily on some of those really looked at blogs---either I'm slow or this is just really time-consuming! I was going to try and finish these dresses for the girls that I started in June and have yet to finish them. Oh well, it's been good to look at our days & I know I'll be glad to look back and see how we spent them--craziness and all!

So now onto our day! My alarm went off at 6 this morning; and again I hit the pavement for a run. I put on the ipod listening to my Jean Larroux sermon--not sure if I've mentioned him before. But I first heard Jean preach probably almost 10 years ago when he was still at Independent Presbyterian in Memphis. Then several years ago we had a missions conference at our church and Jean was the speaker for the weekend---ever since then I've been following him and listening to his sermons when I can. He really keeps your attention and tells such great stories, which while running is a must for me if I'm not listening to music! But more importantly he can preach the Gospel! I had intended to stretch my run to 4 miles today, but the humidity got the best of me. So it ended up being more of a 3-3 1/2 mile run.

Taken by Reed--our little photographer

I ran into some neighbors when I got back and chatted for a bit, so it was about 7:30 when I walked in the door. Shortly after that Reed & EC came downstairs. I made some oatmeal (or "oatmilk" as EC calls it) and while it was cooking emptied the dishwasher. Mary Etta was up shortly after that at close to 8, so she came down to join us all for breakfast. Casey left on his run shortly after I got home. So I sat down with the kids and we actually read our devotional for the morning (during the school year we usually read from the Jesus Storybook Bible daily, but I've slacked with our crazy schedule this summer). Then we worked on a few of the catechism questions we typically do as well. It's amazing how these little minds are such sponges and retain so much information, especially little Mary Etta!

After breakfast we quickly cleaned up and headed upstairs to dress for swim lessons and brush teeth/fix hair/wash faces, etc. I let the kids all play after they were ready and I quickly got dressed and ready--as I had packed up all our stuff to go swimming at the Y after we finished up swimming lessons for the day. So right before we were about to get in the car my friend called and said that the chemicals in the pool were off and they were having to cancel lessons for the day, as it was unsafe for anyone to be in the pool. So now we had at least an hour or so before we could leave for the Y--as it doesn't open till 11. So we did some playdoh and colored some, until about 10 when I let them have a snack and watch about half of Sesame Street. I worked on some loads of laundry.

We then got in the car and headed to the Y. On the way we had to make a stop so I could return something. The kids had so much fun swimming, and really wear themselves out! It was fun as we saw some friends there and were able to swim with them and visit! We ended up leaving about 1:30--perfect timing as it started thundering and sprinkling.

Break time at the pool, enjoying her snack

We got home a little before 2 and the girls crashed for naps quickly, as Reed read books in rest time. I left about 2:15 for a much needed pedicure! Ahhh it was so nice and relaxing! I had taken a book and some magazines to read, but thought I might fall asleep, so I just ended up sitting and relaxing! On my way home I stopped at Panera for some tea to boost my late afternoon sleepiness, and a couple cookies for the kids after dinner dessert.

Love a fresh pedi!

I got home and worked on some more loads of laundry; and I'm sure checked emails, blogs, etc. I really try and limit the computer time to brief couple times within the day, but some days I do better than others--and I think I mainly end up using it when I'm procrastinating what I know I need to do when I really don't want to do it! Reed was up and playing in the playroom, then shortly after I was home EC came downstairs. I gave them a snack and before I knew it it was already almost 5--and we still hadn't gotten up sweet Mary Etta!

Casey took them all 3 outside while I started dinner. It started sprinkling again so that only lasted about 15 minutes. We let the big 2 do some coloring, while Mary Etta went to her room for some room time--she is very eager to do this because she can play so well in her crib and LOVES to have the music on to listen too! About 6 dinner was ready--spaghetti with red/meat sauce, bread (none for me), and sauteed squash and zucchini. Then Casey and I quickly cleaned up the dishes and we went on a family walk around the block. They all 3 walked instead of pushing anyone in the stroller, and I think it tired them out quickly! Well, Mary Etta still needed carried some of the way.

Fun in the tub!

We got home and all 3 got in the tub for baths, quickly we washed them, and got them dried and dressed, teeth brushed, and in the bed a little after 8! Then I still had some things to clean up and straighten, and work on some more laundry. And maybe see what I can get done of these dresses--maybe I'll post a picture tomorrow! And then off to bed!

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  1. Erica, I'm loving reading about your days. You are a great mama and I'm super impressed with your running schedule!!