Monday, July 25, 2011

July Travels-Part 1

Reed enjoying the tractor ride with my dad; he was so excited!

Let's see...where to July (as has the rest of the summer) has been a little crazy for our family. After we got back from project we were home for 2 full weeks---oh how wonderful to be in our own home, but we had some family plans during our free month so we hit the road once again! I've had a hard time organizing all my thoughts and going through way too many pictures. Oh and our camera just quit working while we were on vacation...thankfully it was the last day and we had just taken family pictures and some of Mary Etta on her birthday! The camera had an extended warranty so it's off being fixed/replaced/etc.

So back to July......we were here for 2 weeks and did swimming lessons---and just enjoyed being home for a bit. Then we left for a weekend with my Dad and stepmom at their house on the lake. The kids had a blast, and we all enjoyed visiting and time on the water!

the girls taking a boat ride--this was Mary Etta's first!

Reed's first tube ride! As you can see he loved every minute of it!


  1. Those are great pictures of dad/deb and the kids. I just know that they made so many great memories with grandpa. Oh, and so sad to see Reed so grown up in the pictures you sent me in my email. I showed Rus and he was like "Oh my gosh!" He is growing up so fast:(

  2. Great pics & glad everyone enjoyed the visit & outdoor water adventure with their grandpa. He'll have them canoeing before you know it!