Thursday, July 7, 2011

A day in the life-Thursday

Day 4 of "a day in the life"! It is tedious writing down all we do, but I think I have enjoyed thinking about our days and how we are spending them. It definitely makes me very aware if I'm diligent and wise with my time and how I spend it, or if I'm being lazy and unproductive. I do know I rarely sit down, except to check something on the computer! I don't have time to sit still....and the minute I do I'm zonked!

My alarm went off at 6:15, boy I was dragging this morning. This is pretty typical by the end of the week and getting up early so many days in a row. I had stayed up till around 12:30--yes I know I'm crazy--working on those dresses that should have been finished 3 months ago! So I tried to get up and do the Pure Barre video....I started and about 5 minutes into just felt way too blah. So I sat on the couch and checked emails. So much for a morning workout--oh well. Then right at 7 Reed and EC came downstairs--earlier this morning too!

We went into the kitchen to get some breakfast--waffles and eggs (I think Reed asked if he could have cereal instead of waffle). After brewing a pot of coffee and having their food ready to eat, I jumped in the shower--as I was in desperate need of one (I don't think I ever had one Wednesday after my run and trip to the pool.....some days that just seems to be how it goes!) We had to quickly get ready to leave by 8:40 as they were doing makeup swim lessons from yesterday--so ours were going to be 9-9:30, and then our normal class time of 9:30-10. I think when I got out of the shower Mary Etta was up, so about 7:45. I brought her down to eat her breakfast. Then while the big 2 played in the playroom I quickly was getting dressed, hair, makeup, etc. Then it was close to 8 so we had a little over 30 minutes to get everyone dressed and ready to go; and were in the car by about 8:35.

Much happier at swim lessons! It was a whole new day for her!

Swim lessons went great! I was sure they would be super tired and worn out from an hour of swim lessons! Even Emery-Claire was a new child at lessons---she's been crying alot and very fearful these past 2 weeks. Tuesday she had a sub and completely freaked out and would not get in the water, except about the last 10 minutes! Today she was loving every minute of it! Putting her head under water, floating for the teacher, kicking on the kickboard and noodle (with instructor's assistance)--but overall great improvements!

After leaving swim lessons we made a quick stop at JoAnn's so I could pick up some buttons for the dresses. Then we headed home to get ready for the pool--they were begging to go! So I let them watch a little PBS kids while I packed a lunch and gathered our pool things, and then we all got our swimsuits on.

We headed over to the pool around 12, and met a friend who was joining us with her 2 boys for a day of fun in the water! Reed amazed me and was so proud of himself as he would swim with his head underwater for little spurts kicking and moving his arms---it was so exciting to see him actually swimming!! I don't even think he's swam underwater in his lessons--or so I noticed as between looking at him, Emery-Claire (who usually has had most my attention b/c she has been melting down, except for finally not today), and Mary Etta who is squirming and fussing to get out of the stroller--I know I don't always see every move he makes in there! All the kids did great and seemed to have so much fun together! It was a fun afternoon for all. We stayed till about 1:45 and then cleaned up and got ready to come home for naps. As soon as we got home the girls crashed fast and Reed had some rest time in my room with books. I finished cleaning up the kitchen from breakfast, folded some clothes, and started another load of laundry. I then began to work on those dresses for the girls!

Trying on the new cow hats

Around 4/4:15 Reed was asking to come out from rest time, so I let him come down in the playroom while I tried to continue the sewing. One dress done, and started another---shoo why do I do this to myself?! Emery-Claire came down around 4:30, and they both had a snack and "played" a game---not much of a game (except for made up rules) when you are 4 1/2 and 3! I think it ended up being closer to 5 before I went to get Mary Etta--I think she was still asleep, I think all that swimming this afternoon wore her out! They all played and I checked the computer while we debated what to do for dinner. I had planned on leftovers but we scratched that and ended up going to Chick-Fil-A for kids night. We got there close to 6 and ate, did the crafts. They have the cow walking around on kids night, and they love it! Well, Mary Etta loved him one minute and the next was crying saying "I sared!" (scared) funny! Right about 7ish when we were about to leave it had started downpouring, and was so windy! We waited it out for a bit while they continued to do their crafts longer, and finally Casey just went to get the car and pull up and we all made a run for it!
Enjoying his Chick-Fil-A, and we even got the cow in the background-ha! Oh and yes he is wearing a KY shirt (I do realize that). Only the girls can be TN fans....Casey says Reed must be a GA football fan, but they like to cheer for KY basketball--so hence the shirt!

We got home about 7:30 or so, and realized the power was out. The rain had stopped and there were never any thunderstorms really, but I guess all the wind had knocked over a power line. We had cow hats they had given us (tomorrow if you dress like a cow you get a free meal), so I think they were giving "cow apparel" to all the kids. So they all had fun wearing their cow hats and mooing at each other. Mary Etta kept carrying her baby around in blankets saying "baby seeping" (sleeping), while wearing her toboggan.

The power came back on about 8:15 and everyone was off to bed! Now some time to pick up and get things together, as well as maybe try working on that other dress!

One dress is done......


  1. I've loved reading about your days! I also love that rarely do you shower before lunch:) Sounds very familiar. Your children are beautiful and that dress is so stinkin' cute!

  2. What a great idea!! And sounds oh so familiar! Love your dress...keep it up busy momma!

  3. Fun reading your daily journal...i remember trying to keep journals on all of you when you were little & didn't do much recording with all 4! Dress is adorable.

  4. Love hearing how a day is with 3 children. You and Casey have done an amazing job raising these "babies" in the Lord. So encouraged by your example of being godly parents! Love ya girl!