Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A day in the life-Tuesday

My alarm went off at 6:15 again....only time of the day I can exercise (unless we go to the Y) and have quiet time with the Lord. Usually it ends up being listening to a sermon while I run. But today I got up to do my Pure Barre video. If you've never heard of PB you should totally check it out! I've been to a live class once, but this summer while at project, and when I can't get to the Y, I've been trying to do my video. The classes are not cheap (usually $20/class; or you can buy packages in bulk--but they still end up being not much less than $18/class). So I've opted for the video, unless some great special comes along---and occasionally I get emails of specials. But it works small muscle groups, and it is really hard! After my first hour class I was sore for almost 3 days!

After my workout, I briefly was able to check emails, and then about 7:15 Reed and EC came downstairs, so our day began! Casey was up early and out of the house too--as he had some business matters to attend to for the day. He has actually has been running some in the mornings--yes, running! He has decided he wants to be more in shape I suppose? After his years of athletics (he played basketball in college, and is just an all around athlete)--but he was burned out after college and really has had spurts of exercise since we've been married, but he may actually seem most serious this time around. He likes to have goals, something to challenge him, so he says he'll run a marathon. And he is such a go-getter so I wouldn't put it past him to do just that!

Before swimming lessons--this is actually one day last week, but hey it's still getting ready to go to swim lessons!

I fed the kids eggs and cereal, while I quickly jumped in the shower. Then as soon as I got out I heard Mary Etta, she didn't sound too happy so I'm assuming she'd been awake for awhile! So i quickly put on clothes and ran up to get her so she could have her breakfast--at about 8. Today was the start of week 2 of swim lessons (yesterday we were off due to the holiday). So we had about an hour to get us all ready. I quickly got ready and then helped them all get dressed, teeth brushed, hair fixed (girls), snacks ready for after swimming, dry clothes packed, etc. So a little after 9 we all hoped in the car and off we went!

Today at swim lessons EC's instructor was still out of town so she had a sub. She was not at all happy about this. Last year she had no fear with the water, this year is the complete opposite! She has finally warmed up to her instructor after several days of lots of crying, and she wasn't at all thrilled her teacher was not there today. So she spent most of the time on the side wall just kicking; I think the last 5 minutes the instructor finally got her in the water!

Waiting on Ms. Suzi for the girls hair. I had to take all 3, but they really did well!

We changed after swim lessons, and then were off to take the girls to my hair dresser. As you've seen we have some very curly locks in our house! Emery-Claire has had her hair cut twice---once at about 18 months (very minimal trim of her "mullet" hairdo) by my current hairdresser, and then last summer when she turned 2 by another hairdresser---I was not at all happy as the girl butchered her hair! It looked awful!! So I've never had it trimmed since, and of course Mary Etta has never had hers trimmed either. They did so good waiting, Emery-Claire was a bit worried that "Ms. Suzi" would use the hairdryer on her. Suzi is so sweet and gentle with them, she basically looked them both over and said at this point I just really need to grow out their hair more. She barely took off a few rugged edges on EC hair, but didn't at all touch Mary Etta's. She said curly hair is "work" for sure, I just have to keep wetting, geling, scrunching--all I'm doing now. I tell you what I have high maintenance hair as well, so fixing all 3 of our hair--well it's a chore indeed!So after we left the hair place we went to grab lunch---Panera! The kids were all very excited. Usually we do Chick-Fil-A, but we did that a couple times last week and I just needed something different. Plus they ate some snacks while we were at the hair place so I figured I could get a yummy, fresh salad and give them bagels and they'd be happy! After we left Panera I was going to take them to the grocery store---not my favorite activity to do with 3 small children, but I do it when I have to. But thankfully Casey had called and was home so he said to bring them back so I could go by myself.

Enjoying some Panera

So after dropping them off I grabbed my shopping bags, and realized I needed to run a couple other errands along the way. Wouldn't you know it started downpouring right when I needed to get out of the car! I thought it would pass quickly, but it ended up lasting almost 40 minutes! I had to run to the library, pick up something at the mall, run by another little children's shop, and return something to Target. Now finally at the grocery store I grabbed what I needed and rushed back home, so I was home a little before 4--whoo, what an afternoon!

The big 2 kids had not taken naps (usually Emery-Claire does, but apparently she was in a playing mode today and did not!) I realized I had forgotten stamps so I quickly put the big 2 in the car to run to the post office to get some stamps; while Casey stayed at the house with Mary Etta still sleeping and he was cleaning his car. When we got back they had a little snack, and I began prepping our dinner. After Mary Etta was up at about 4:45, they all were asking to go run in the sprinkler. Casey was sweet and kept them outside for about 45 minutes while I was able to start supper and clean up the kitchen (that had never been cleaned up from this morning!) The kids came in about 5:30 and we let them watch a little video till we ate a little after 6--I still was picking up and tidying; our house seemed to be a disaster for us not being here much today!
Fun in the sprinkler! (also from a couple days ago, but they looked the same today!)

We all ate some baked chicken breasts, fresh cooked green beans from the Farmer's Market on Saturday, salad, and some Annie's mac and cheese--well Casey and the kids did, I'm trying to watch the carb/gluten products lately! Then after supper we both cleaned up while they played in the playroom. Casey needed to run a quick errand and took EC with him--she loves going on outings with her daddy! So I got Reed and Mary Etta dressed for bed and brushed teeth--then we read a few books. Everyone was in bed by 8ish. I think they all crashed fast, especially the big 2 who didn't nap today!

Ahh so finally a quiet house! I'm enjoying some computer time now and may work on a couple small projects before heading to bed! I can't believe I've documented all this the past 2 days; it is a little tedious, but I know I'll enjoy reading it down the road. Happy Tuesday!

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