Saturday, October 13, 2012


So here goes Friday.......probably our least productive day of the week! This mama is tired for sure! So I set my alarm for 5:35am.....yes you read that right. I thought I'd head to a Pure Barre class. I just started doing PB about a year and a half ago. Casey says it's "the rich ladies workout"--ha! It is awfully expensive; definitely more than what a membership at a gym would cost for sure! But I have to say I'm addicted! It's a whole body workout that addresses areas most women complain about......arms, seat, thighs and abs!
Pure Barre utilizes the ballet barre to perform small isometric movements!
Yes I'm 32 weeks pregnant but it's non-impact....and basically I'm fine doing it with some modifications; and of course I can't really do the ab section now.....I usually do a few other leg exercises and leave class a little early at this point. Though I can tell this far into my pregnancy that any exercise....PB, walking, my occasional kickboxing video I can only get so much out of them unfortunately. But I've stayed active for the most part in all my pregnancies, so it's hard for me to completely stop and do nothing. So I saved some of my spending money and bought some classes so I could go....and it's just motivation for me! Thankfully they have specials every now and then I can buy them, but overall I just go and take classes when I A)have the funds; and B) have the time! I'm already saving up for their "baby bounce back" package that I really want to get for an unlimited 3 months after baby when I'm ready for exercise again!

So I was home a little before 7am, and checked emails, etc. I think Emery-Claire came downstairs, then Reed maybe within 10 minutes or so of me being home. She was acting all pitiful and still saying she didn't feel well. I checked her temp and it was not super high. But I gave her motrin so she'd perk back up. We made some oatmeal and what we call "green lemonade" juice basically. This summer I did lots of smoothies because it was so hot and they were refreshing, but a few weeks ago I pulled back out my juicer and it's been so refreshing and yummy to use it again at least 2-3 times a week. It takes so much to give us all a little, so it can get expensive. So 2-3 times a week is about all I can do!y to change your body. Students see results in just 10 classes.
I think I could drink one of these every day though!

We cleaned were supposed to be doing their morning "jobs"......the morning seemed kinda all over the place. I needed to balance the checkbook, pay some bills, empty dishwasher, load dishwasher, make list for weekend needs at I ultimately got distracted doing all that and not really attending to them and the fact that our house was seemingly being torn apart! I finally got everyone upstairs for room time with some music and I tried finishing those other tasks. It quickly approached put on some Sesame Street and gave them a snack. I was thinking I'd wrap up and after SS we'd head to the store! But then a sweet, dear friend called......and I'm a sucker for catching up briefly (Sarah if you read this I was so excited you called and delighted to hear your voice! I miss you dear friend and loved chatting with you.....even if my morning was whatever, it was better talking with you!)

So after getting off the phone and finally having the kids turn off the tv......our sick child was definitely perked up by now! It was approaching 11:30 so we decided to do lunch then head to the store. After lunch Casey came in to work some from home and so he was sweet and said I could leave Reed with him and only take the girls to the store. We did make a quick stop in Old Navy and then into Whole Foods for a few things we needed. The girls were quickly fading and Emery-Claire wasn't feeling well again I could tell. She wanted to ride in the shopping cart....not many 4 year olds want to ride in the cart, so I knew that meant she was ready to probably come home and crash!

We came home and both girls quickly crashed.  I got Reed settled with his rest time instruction. I then sat down to check email, etc. This is often my procrastination when I'm tired and not so motivated to do the things I need to do around the house! But finally I was up and working on some pumpkin muffins.......

Reed came out and was diving into them quickly......I think he ate more than I realized! The girls were still sleeping at around 4:30 and I was about to go get them when Emery-Claire came downstairs crying again......Again she had another 101.7 temp. So I gave her some more motrin and some cold water. She also wanted a couple muffins. She just wanted to lay down so I put on Cinderella for her to watch. She was pretty pathetic looking. Poor thing. I guess she's just fighting off some sort of virus. Hoping and praying the rest of stay well, and no other yucky symptoms arise! 

I then begin working on our pizza for turned out pretty good. I did buy pre-made crust; though sometimes I like making my own.  But I knew today I wasn't exactly up for it. 

Finally our decision on a sink vanity was made in the past week. As I'm sure some of you saw WEEKS ago I posted a couple pics of our bath update! Yes we did start demolition back in May and the bulk of the work was done in July and August....and yes it is October......I know we are kinda ridiculous! We just could not make up our minds! But we finally did and today Casey picked it up! Hopefully next week we'll have sink top cut and put on and our plumber will be back to hook it all up and we can start using this bath!!! When it's all put together (hopefully in next couple weeks it will be officially completed) I'll post the final pics!! We sure are ready. 

And I was excited to see these fun things in the mail today........woohooo! I have some of the Tom's ballet flats, but never owned the more casual, comfy ones......I've been walking around the house in them and I think I am going to like these!

Casey just got a last minute call from a friend to come and bring Reed down to watch Big Blue Madness.....a big tradition around here to kickoff basketball season! Is it seriously already time for basketball??!! 
Casey & Reed at Big Blue Madness
So I've been letting the girls catch up on some fun ballet videos they love (while I cleaned up the kitchen and write up the bulk of this day's blog).........

very serious ballerinas!

So now the ballet video is over, my house is a disaster, and I'm going to tuck in these girls after I read a couple books and teeth are brushed! Then to clean up a bit and work on peeling and cutting some apples for applesauce making on Saturday! Happy Friday!

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