Monday, October 8, 2012

A week in the life--Monday

Last year (though it was July and not October) I wrote these posts for a week (that is the link to the first of 4 posts). I wanted to write down (to the best of my ability) the details of each day for a week so I could look back and try and remember our life in that season. So now that it's been a little over a year I thought I'd try and re-visit this idea again. Hopefully I will be able to sit down each night and remember all the events of the day--b/c I sure don't have much of a chance to do that in the day! And I thought how fitting to do this prior to baby #4 arriving, since things are going to become very different than they are now!

My alarm went off around 6:20am; I stayed up way too late last night cleaning up, and preparing for the day/week last night. So of course I hit snooze and wasn't quite so ready to hop out of bed. I think about 6:30-6:40 I finally got up...because of course my pregnant self had to make a trip to the bathroom : ) Everyone was tired thankfully this morning and seemed to sleep longer than just 7am! So I made a cup of hot tea and sat down to spend some time working on my Bible Study/time in the word. So refreshing to not be interrupted 3 minutes after sitting down! So I think I sat there drinking my tea and reading/meditating till around 7:20. Emery-Claire (always our first riser) came downstairs and I had her sit on the couch with a few books quietly for a little longer so I could finish up. Then around 7:30 Reed was up so up into the kitchen we went to start our oatmeal and green juice! Mary Etta was up not long after that, so around 7:40ish. They ate while I finished cleaning up dishes, etc. So after bathroom breaks, multiple bowls of oatmeal and drinking our "juice" I think they were all done around 8:15-8:30ish.

So we all headed upstairs for morning "jobs".......they all have their own responsibilities. Reed and EC have clothes ready and in their closet to put on, they have to put away their pjs, brush teeth, & make their beds. Even Mary Etta thinks she is so big and so wants to independently dress herself and have no assistance whatsoever! I then put on some music in the CD Player so I could come downstairs to dress and make my bed before we start our "school" day at home. We seemed to start later than usual. I think sometimes I end up being more pokey with myself than I mean/need to be!

So I think finally at 9:30ish we started our "school" time. I usually aim for 9am. We usually sit down and do the calendar, weather, Bible story, scripture memory or catechisms, and sing/pray before starting our day. But I think we got maybe 15 minutes into it and my friend stopped by to say hello. She had her dog with her so the kids were all over that and loving it! So then it was probably close to 10 when she left and we finished our routine and since it was so chilly I promised them some hot chocolate while they did their work.

So Reed was eager to get to working drinking his hot chocolate. Lots of writing, math and reading practice for him today!

They all have their own pencil boxes with crayons and pencils.....which they love! So while Reed did his work the girls colored and Emery-Claire practiced some name writing and working on some sound identification.

Around close to 11ish we were done and I let them watch a 30 minute show so I could clean up and get library books all ready to head to the library in a bit. By then since it was a little after 11:30 so I decided we might as well eat lunch before heading out to the library.

We headed to the library a little after 12 and about an hour and a half later came home with this stack! They kids love looking for books, playing in the kids section at the library, and Reed especially loves the computer time!

Then it was time for rest time to begin! Mary Etta laid down and fell asleep pretty thankful that at a little over 3 years she is still sleeping so good! Emery-Claire has quiet time in her room with a few toys and books to look at; Reed goes to our room and has the CD player to listen to books and some paper/crayons to draw and color. I'm in the process of revamping this time for the two of them b/c today was one of those days that it seemed every 5-10 minutes they were out of the room coming to talk to me or tell me something.....this is not the normal or the guidelines of what is expected of them during rest time. My 2-4 time was supposed to be productive with laundry and some finishing up of a couple curtains I started last week for the family room. But instead I procrastinated on the computer and at least did have a sweet phone conversation with my friend about the baby shower she wants to plan for our baby.

I finally let the big two get up a little before 4; not long after that Mary Etta was up as well. Everyone ate a snack at the table and then I let them watch a movie we checked out from the library. I folded some laundry and then got up to start prepping supper.

I sent the kids outside for a bit while I finished making supper. They often are in/out, in/out multiple times to tell me something or tattle on the other......but for the most part they often play well together like the below picture.
this picture is actually from a few days was quite chilly most of today so they were in long pants and long sleeves today. but this does capture the running and the football they all love playing together lately!
Not too bad trying out a new recipe for a chicken sandwhich--which seemed to be a hit with them all! Casey was gone dealing with a few things he needed to tend to so our dinner was kinda just whatever. He came in when they were about done and then I cleaned up, had them clean up (outside and inside)....then we were off to baths and ready for bed. I made sure all their lunches, backpacks all ready for tomorrow's school day. 

Showers, baths, teeth brushed, few books read and then off to bed by 8:15! Watching a little of the Voice while Casey flips to Monday night football and I wrote this blog post! I am off to bed b/c it's an early day tomorrow! 

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