Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Go Dawgs!

This year we've entered into a whole new world......maybe it's going from 5 to 6 years old. Last year Reed was into sports and would cheer and so on to some degree; but this season when football began a few weeks ago.......well he has moved into an all out true man watching football, NASCAR, and I'm sure basketball won't be far behind once the season begins! So in true fashion (like his Daddy) he has become a true Georgia Bulldog fan! He plays football in the backyard constantly, and is always asking when football games are on. He comes in telling us he had a game and that the Dawgs just played LSU, Florida, etc (input any SEC team.....sometimes he plays a pro team too : ) So when asked how he wanted to celebrate his birthday he said he wanted (first was a NASCAR party) but thinking that would be tricky to plan games, activities; I asked if we could do a football party.....really talking it up and making it sound so fun and exciting!

My Georgia boys!

So I found this adorable game ticket online; all I had to do was order the file and then you can print as many as you want. He was so excited to have his "game" all planned out! 

Next, of course, was the cake.......I have acknowledged the fact that cake decorating is not my fortay........all I do is completely stress out over it. I have found the Kroger down the street from us is very creative and very price effective. I took in this idea/picture and they created it perfectly! It couldn't have looked better! Of course it was kinda funny that he wanted the DAWGS to play the CATS.....but fitting I suppose here in the Bluegrass : ) 

So our plan was to have a "game" best as some 5 & 6 year olds can play a "game" of football. But unfortunately it rained all the night before and all day of our party until about 1 1/2 hour before the party started. So the yard was pretty muddy (or so we thought). SO I had some back up games for the boys to play. But boy oh boy did it seem to wound them up more......and only lasted about the first 45 minutes that Casey was then once he left, my mom, his mom, & myself were left with 6 WILD BOYS! 

all the boys got a red or blue jersey with a number on the back
what's a football game without cheerleaders for each team : )
boys enjoying the hike the ball pass.....Dawgs vs the CATS
I am not one who loves a zillion kids at a we kept it small....5 other boys plus Reed was 6 boys. And boy was that a handful! Yes I'm 30 weeks pregnant, yes unfortunately Casey was only able to stay for the first 45 minutes due to a work event that was already rescheduled once (and he didn't realize was same day/time as Reed's party till week of). But I have to say these boys!!

blue team....a.k.a. CATS plus cheerleader

red team....a.k.a. the DAWGS plus cheerleader

So after all the few games we played.....we finally ventured outside. I didn't take any pictures because by then I was about worn out! HA! But it was great for these active boys to be able to run around throw balls and just chase, tag, etc with each other! And thankfully it wasn't a sloppy, muddy mess as I thought it was going to be!

After games, outside, cake/ice cream, presents, and good ole fun we called it a day! Reed seemed to enjoy every minute of his game day!

Nana with the Georgia girl.....with Casey leaving early I had a hard time managing the party, and capturing all the photos I would have wanted. So of course I never got one of him with both grandmothers. And I think I videotaped happy birthday singing......ha! Regardless I think he still has memories to savor from his special day!

Reed with his Gigi....the next morning b/c of course he was too busy during his party to get too many pictures : )
 So I think our party was a success! We love this sweet boy and are ever so thankful for him! What a joy to celebrate him turning 6 years old!


  1. I love the tickets to his party and the cake turned out cute! Looks like they had a great time.

  2. everything looks great. Love those party tickets!