Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to......

well, me......yes this past Sunday I turned the big 37....sheesh that just sounds so old! I feel like lately my eyes have bags or lines under them---or is it because I'm 8 months pregnant and tired all the time-ha! Who knows......kinda crazy to watch yourself look older and older, I know I sure don't look the same as that young 29 year old getting married anymore! 

birthday date of our favs Local Taco then some ice cream at Graeters

sweet friends and their husbands that came out with us....yes my friend on left (Sarah Jo)  is also pregnant--with twins would you believe! and my friend in the middle (Erin) looks amazing after having baby #2 about 3 months ago now! 

We had a nice date/family birthday weekend---well until the stomach bug hit our house. I think it possibly started the previous weekend with Emery-Claire running the on and off again fever for about 3 days. Then late Thursday night/early Friday morning I woke up not feeling so well.....and my stomach felt kinda off all weekend. But Casey and I still managed to have a date night with some friends and enjoy our family weekend. Until Sunday afternoon he was in bed and then shortly later.....well began the throwing up. First him, then Mary Etta around 9/9:30. It was  a long night to say the least with her.....poor thing was probably up every hour almost! At least I got her to do it in the toilet, which it made it so much better---well as good as dealing with a child throwing up is! Monday & Tuesday I felt I was playing catch up with sleep deprivation and pure exhaustion! My throat was hurting and my glands were I ended up finding out I had strep throat! Seriously what a  past couple weeks of sickness it has been. But I think we are all on the mend, thankfully! 

the boys getting ready to head off to watch the Dawgs and the CATS play....was a very close game but they pulled through and won! Reed loved every minute of it!

my birthday with the girls....we couldn't get Reed to pose with us 

It is always so weird that another birthday comes and so often, especially parenting small children, our days feel so long, but then you look back and how time flies at the same time. I know I'm so thankful and so blessed to have my sweet husband who loves us all so much and works so hard to provide and take care of us. Yes marriage is hard--who said it was easy??---but ultimately because of our commitment to the Lord we trust and rest in Him that He is at work in us both sculpting us into the the image He desires for us to be! And then there is our children.....such such abundant blessings I know! Some days can be so hard and tiring and repetitive with these young ages.....but they too are growing up so fast! I want to think I really try to savor them and the stages they are in...even when it's challenging. I do love them greatly and it seems hard to remember a day before them--life was definitely not quite as eventful!


  1. Birthday weekend full of reality! Had fun celebrating before the yuck settled in. And many thanks for NOT posting that picture of me on Facebook! ;)