Friday, October 12, 2012


Well, I think I get more slowed down on Thursdays after long and busy Tuesdays and Wednesdays! I intended to let this be my "sleep in day"......but after multiple early morning wakings in a row my body was wide awake (of course) at 6am. I tried fighting it and not getting up, but after about 15 minutes or so I just decided to make some coffee and have some quiet time in the word! After starting the coffee pot I heard Emery-Claire crying/talking......not quite sure what she was doing but it was only 6:25......I went up to check and I think she was half asleep, so I told her quietly to lay down and rest more b/c it was way too early to get up yet!

a little pumpkin spice coffee with some Galatians 
So I had some nice quiet time till Reed came down around 7:20 or so.....I made him look at some books so I could finish up and then around 7:40 he said Mary Etta was crying. So off to get her and start breakfast. We did eggs and some cinnamon toast for them (EC is still asleep!). They ate and I think around 8:20 or so EC came downstairs crying and kinda not looking like herself. She felt slightly warm (oh no I thought b/c some kids and her teacher had been sick in her class this week). She said she still wanted to eat, but was saying she didn't feel good; so I took the gamble and let her. Meanwhile the other two were dressing and doing morning jobs.....well, things didn't seem to move so smoothly this morning b/c before I knew it, it was 9:00! I sent them upstairs with music on and play time so I could finish getting ready and gather school stuff together (that I was too tired to do the night before). I think finally by close to 10:00 we finally sat down to start our routine.....calendar, weather, Bible time, catechisms, etc. EC was not quite her usual perky self, but she did eat, was dressed, and wanted to do some her 99 temp wasn't affecting her too terribly. I also gave her a little tylenol too hoping that would perk her up.

excited to do some school time....can't you tell!
Mary Etta wasn't quite as motivated to do her work boxes, so I let her watch the last half of Sesame Street while the other 2 worked. We kinda got off course after that b/c I had a couple phone calls I had to take and deal I think they got more wound up after all that! It was approaching I gave them a fun fall craft with stickers my mom had sent them so they could calm down and do something constructive while I fixed lunch and started a load of laundry.

they did enjoy their craft
 EC kept laying her head down on the table, but again she did eat lunch. After lunch we went upstairs to read a couple books....and I tried making her rest for about 30 minutes while working through some laundry and the other two having some play time-----writing this I feel this day is half over & I'm so out of sorts?!! She didn't sleep so everyone wanted to color and cut some more, or mainly Reed, and the girls did briefly and then played dress up till naptime.

We started rest time at around 2pm......I decided to try something a little new today. EC has CD books for first hour; then special rest time boxes for 2nd hour. Though when I went up there to check on her at close to 3pm, she was asleep on Reed's bed....poor girl obviously didn't feel well. Mary Etta laid down at 2pm for her nap; and from 2-3pm Reed is getting some computer time with the timer on, then he can do something else quietly---color, draw, legos, etc. At 3pm he has to go to my room for an hour to listen to books or look at them quietly......I did let him keep drawing (he loves to draw these days!). At around 3:30 EC woke up and I got her one of the rest time boxes for the next half hour. I think she barely played with it b/c when Reed got up at 4 I had him check on her and she was asleep again!

ok i don't love "belly" shots of myself......i take them for journaling/keepsake for my babies to look back on; but i figured i need one for 30/31 week (I'm actually 31 weeks today--and tomorrow--Friday, I turn 32 weeks) so here it is; my probably one and only belly shot on the blog!

working on the roman shade

So during rest/naptime.....I was actually really productive today! I cleaned our family room---dusting, sweeping, mopping, etc. Shoo I forget how long it takes me just to clean that room! No wonder the rest of the house gets neglected! I also changed out more laundry, and worked some more on this pinterest project.....making roman shade from mini blind!

When EC came downstairs she was not looking good and was very warm! So I took her temp....101.6-yikes! I let them all eat a little snack and watch a little tv, EC got some motrin. I worked in kitchen and cleaned up dishes, emptied dishwasher, etc.

I had to meet a friend to go get some apples she picked up for me to do another batch of homemade applesauce. We made one batch a few weeks ago and it was soooooo yummy and I had more jars so I wanted to make some more! I picked up some take out for everyone while I was out.....then we ate, cleaned up, did baths/shower, read a few books and off to bed. Emery-Claire perked up after her dose of motrin and seemed more like herself. After the kids were in bed I folded up some laundry and finally felt like I sat down for the first time today. Casey turned on the debate and I didn't last for very long, so decided to head to bed close to 10---which then EC was up again and her fever spiked again to we gave her some more medicine. I headed to bed after that!

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