Wednesday, October 10, 2012


So Tuesdays right now are pretty eventual and full days. The older two go to kindergarten and preschool at a local classical christian school (they only go Tuesdays and Wednesdays and then we homeschool the other days of the week). But they are long, full days for them. And also a nice break for me! Another friend who sends her 3 older children there also has a 3 year old at home. So we decided that we would give each other breaks on Tuesdays and take turns keeping the two of them. So far it has worked out beautifully! I think that is what you get with child #4 and child #3.....they are both pretty easy going little people. They play well and are so sweet to each other! They are even taking naps at each other's how wonderful for us!

I set the alarm for 6am....I think I was up by around 6:15.....did a little kickboxing video (for about 25-30 minutes) before jumping in the shower to quickly to ready myself before getting everyone else up and ready! They were up at around 7:10-7:15----I had to wake them this morning : ) We got dressed, ate breakfast....a few tears of course over rushing out of bed into clothes and then over what was served at breakfast. Backpacks ready, lunches/snacks ready, teeth brushed, hair fixed, shoo and out the door by 8:05 or so.

When we get to school Reed & EC are off to their classrooms and I get Jack from my friend....for a fun-filled day with two 3 year olds! We first had to go to the doctor for a little finger incident. About a week and a half ago Mary Etta smashed her finger in a door......the nail had been about ready to fall off any day now (it finally came off with a little tug from Casey last night), but it just didn't look good. I was just concerned with infection so I wanted them to look at it to be sure. These two were so cute at the doctor office. They both really did well! They loved checking out the fish and the frog tanks while waiting on the doctor. They got stickers and were pleased with that.

posing at the doctors office

fun watching the frogs in the frog tank
After a stop at the bank drive-thru, we had to make a quick stop at Wal-mart for a few things. They were excited to enjoy their suckers we had got from the bank at Wal-mart. No mishaps and so amazingly good were these two! 

We headed home and I let them watch the rest of Sesame Street and enjoy a snack. Then they played while I worked on some laundry, dishes, etc. About noon I made some Tinkerbell and Superman enjoyed their lunch : ) They got to listen to a CD story and then down for naps!
Both of them slept pretty easily.....Mary Etta was a little restless and kinda rowdy, but eventually fell asleep. I was able to just finish up some household chores and be definitely more productive than Monday. I got them up about 3 and we jumped in the car and headed back to school to pick up the big kids!

After pick up we ran by the drug store to get Mary Etta's antibiotic.....they did say her finger looked infected. We did our usual 4-6 pm routine once for a bit; snack; outside play; dinner prep. We ate at around 6....then the kids went back outside to play while I cleaned up.

 Close to 7 we started baths for the girls and Reed took his shower. I think bed at around 8....after cleaned up, teeth brushed, all settled. Shoo another long day! I definitely crashed on the couch, which is why I didn't write this blog post till today : )

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