Thursday, October 11, 2012


***and of course actually posting Thursday morning : )
Ok typing this post on Wednesday (as I just finished Tuesdays -ha!) I don't know how people that blog everyday manage to do blog posts have gotten few and far between lately I know b/c it takes me forever to actually sit down at the computer and think/type anything it seems these days! So here goes our Wednesday............

I was up at 6am....needed to shower, wash hair, ready, etc. before getting kids up and ready for school. I was done at around 7:10 and Emery-Claire and Reed had actually already gotten up and made their beds. This is typically unusual because usually they are so tired from their previous day of school they are sleeping till I wake them! We quickly got dressed and came downstairs for breakfast....a little cereal and some apple juice, while I made their lunches (since I crashed so early Tuesday it didn't get done the night before). Mary Etta was struggling this morning......lots of crying and not wanting this or that. Seems she sometimes has hard time on these earlier mornings and everything seems to upset her.

***didn't do well taking many pictures for the day; so this is more narrative; oh well I tried.

We seemed to get out the door later today---issues with clothing and jackets again; brushing teeth, hair, etc. seemed to take longer too.....I don't know why these things are so hard for them sometimes?? Emery-Claire had left her uniform navy sweater at school and A) wasn't happy about the LS button down shirt she had to wear; and B) wasn't happy with the coat choice I grabbed for her---but I had to constantly tell her this was her only option b/c it was cold outside this morning and hopefully we'd find her navy sweater once we arrived at school!

I think we arrived at school at around 8:30 exactly! I walked them in so we could find her sweater.....of course it was in her box under some school books, so she was pleased! Then Mary Etta and I headed down the road so I could get a cup of coffee before heading to Bible study at church. We got to church later too.....I think it was about 9:10 or so. sigh.....such are my mornings trying to get anywhere on time; doesn't seem to matter what I do. We are studying Galations, using Tim Keller's study. It's really good....I did it with some sweet friends when I was single about 10 years ago (wow 10 years ago...was it really that long ago??!!---I think that was 2003, so yeah 9 years ago-wow!)

So after Bible study, Mary Etta and I headed home. I made her some lunch and got ready to head to my OB appointment at 1:00.  Casey came home to do some work from here so I didn't have to take Mary Etta with me, and she could take her nap. It was a quick in and out appointment (baby heartbeat, measurements, blood pressure check, weight, etc.). I think I was in and out of there in 30-40 minutes. So I ran a few errands before going to pick up the big kids for school. 

One errand included picking up this little cutie's birthday present. Yes this is adorable baby Rett (as he is referred to in our home) youngest sister's sweet little baby boy who turns 1 on Saturday! We are so sad to miss his party......but at 32 weeks (officially on Friday I'm 32 weeks) pregnant my back is getting to me these days so I think a drive over 3 hours feels overwhelming right now. Sad to miss this sweet boy's party....because I'm sure it will be so fun watching him with cake and presents! 

Then it was time to pick up the big kids.....I wanted to write a couple hilarious comments from these two from their teachers..........
Reed: as his teacher was discussing Christopher Columbus on Tuesday and giving them facts and details about this major piece of history, she asked the children where did they think he was going. My son's response "to see the Colts".......yes we are definitely having football brain around here! And then he also later told her "the other night was a very bad night!" she asked why......his response, "because Georgia lost to the chickens!" (we all assumed he meant the "gamecocks" of South Carolina). 

Emery-Claire is not without the crazy comments/stories as well.......she had pet share time; so I sent a picture of our pet fish "Nemo" (yes original I know!). She stood up and told the entire class that her fish had died and the Holy Spirit had taken him up to heaven. We've only had 1 fish and he is very much alive???!!! Not sure where/why she told this one. Then the other day they had a student who's parent had moved up to kindergarten--he was already older and teachers felt he was more ready for kindergarten than parents initially thought. So my child told her teacher "you have to be able to click your tongue and snap your fingers to go to kindergarten. I can't do that yet so I'll just have to stay in preschool!" She is definitely a character and so full of spunk and life! 

The rest of our day was pretty much same as Tuesday. We did run by the post office to mail Rett's package; then home and the kids had a small snack while watching a show. I fixed them just simple supper and they played a little outside......but it was getting cool so we had them come in. They did a little game playing with Daddy

Then it was time to get ready for bed (no baths tonight....we'll tackle tomorrow since we'll just be home and no rush out the door---thankfully!) When I send Emery-Claire upstairs to dress herself she often comes down looking alot like this
yes this is how we roll......our hair out of ponytail/bow---it gets a little crazy you could say! the best part of this combination (I think she may have put it on after I took picture) was the hot pink socks and the light pink princess slippers!
Teeth brushed and read a couple books then off to bed! I think I got to cleaning up the kitchen and sent a couple emails.....then I kinda crashed on the couch, again. Happy Wednesday it was! 

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