Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A sweet finding

So I have to post this for my own memory, etc. but the other day we were having some limbs cut off a big tree out front of our house. Reed has been wanting to be outside nonstop these days. So as he was outside playing his "basketball game" Casey came in and told me to go look outside. This is what I found.........

I was very surprised (to say the least) that my big 6-year old boy was intrigued by these tree cutters. Because gone are the days of playing with trains and cars, reading books about diggers, excitement over the garbage truck outside our house, tripping over all sorts of trucks and any other little boy mechanical engine of sort to push around on our floors. So yes it warmed my heart to walk outside and find this.....to find my sweet baby boy who seems to be growing faster than I can stand it! He was captivated by the tree cutters, and for a moment it felt like a time lapse. I guess this hormonal, very pregnant momma is ultra sensitive these days! I think it's not only him being the first born but yet our only son. I do love my girls......but there is something bittersweet about just our one boy who is growing so fast! I'm thankful that he is growing healthy and strong, and seems to be doing so well in school....but I often do wish I could freeze time and savor every moment with him (with all of my children) longer than the fleeting moments they always seem to be! We sure love this little guy and are just so proud of the boy he is becoming......he is so sweet and tenderhearted, even really warming more and more to the idea of another sister......I know the Lord knew what He was doing putting sweet Reed as the big brother to so many sisters. He is a truly a blessing to us all!  

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