Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bath Makeover

So months and months ago we began our bathroom makeover! The early part of the summer was demolition and pluming and dry wall beginnings. Then by the end of the summer was finally tile work. We kinda drug our feet in making some decisions on what we wanted it to look like....these things can be hard to decide! And of course my husband interviewed so many different dry wall, tile, etc. people to find just the right one he thought was the best of the best! But as of a couple weeks ago it is officially finished and together and now in working order!!! We love it! And it's been such a nice retreat.....I definitely feel spoiled and have never had a bathroom quite so nice!

demolition mode! i actually never took a picture as it this is all we have. but it was basically pretty 70s with gold mirror, square tiles on wall and around tub/shower, etc.

down to the studs! the beginning of the plumbing work

dry wall is up; ready for some tile work to begin

new lighting installed--it makes it so nice and bright in here!

tile is progressing and 

seriously a real retreat! still debating over a shelf or something over the toilet and where to put the hand towel rack. but this bathroom is definitely luxury!!

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