Wednesday, November 14, 2012


So after the party and fun at school these little children were still just as excited to go trick or treat around the neighborhood! It was really chilly and cool that night. We had several friends & neighbors doing some gatherings, but opted for staying inside till the last possible minute (or meaning Casey took them trick or treating and I stayed warm inside)! We had some sweet friends come over for some chili and the two dads walked them up and around the block for some treats!

 Ballerina and her homemade "batgirl" costume (yes she created this all on her own!) ready for some treats!

 Ballerina, batgirl & Darth Vader

 sweet Caroline (one of Mary Etta's best little friends) was Dora joining us to go in search of treats!

two little blue mouths enjoying their treats! we had a fun night full of sweet fellowship and fun with our dear friends the Davis'

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