Thursday, November 29, 2012


We finished our thankful tree.....most of the leaves were added and filled this past month as consistently as we could. It definitely is fuller than when we first began!

We had a great thanksgiving weekend with my family! Siblings, cousins, grandparents, it truly was so fun having them all here.....and enjoying the day together! It was warm and beautiful and the kids all got to enjoy lots of outside time! Great food and time together!

 Thankful for these 3 little turkeys : )

Cousin fun times! I guess we're about to even this number out a little more with girl #3.......lots of boys!

We're getting ready for baby girl to arrive this weekend! Can't believe it's time! Today hopefully will be low key and just sweet time together with my little stairsteps before all changes and we add to this family of ours! We may start our advent calendar a little early to get a jump start and just have fun doing things together here, maybe a quick trip to the library. I seriously can't believe the time is already here?! But I think all are excited to meet her.....there have been lots and lots of questions! So different from the days of having a newborn and just having other "babies" that were clueless to what was going on!

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  1. Erica - I'm praying for you, friend!! I can't wait to "meet" your precious new baby girl! much love!