Saturday, September 20, 2008

4 Months Old!

Above picture in her UT attire, but almost an embarrassment after Saturday's pitful game!

I know I say this every 20th day of the month, but how is it our sweet girl is 4 months old today?!! She continues to be such a precious joy and blessing to our family! Some of the fun new things she is doing..........
  • squealing and laughing
  • bringing her hands together
  • lots and lots of smiling! especially now at big brother!
  • she holds up her head so well; she is very strongly and wiggly at times
  • she pushes up also on both arms when on her belly and will hold it for a good brief amount of time
  • she continues to roll often from her belly to back (which she's been doing since like 5/6 weeks old)
  • blowing bubbles and making almost the raspberry-like sound
  • just an all around sweet baby, and so joyful all the time!!

She has her 4 month checkup on Thursday, so we'll see how this skinny little girl is gaining some weight. I still feel like she is smaller in comparison to where Reed was at this time, skinny that is, but probably similiar in length. We've started wearing some 3-6 month size clothing as she is getting longer. She eats well (much better in the past month than the first couple months, where sometimes she just didn't seem hungry). Oh she is just sooooo sweet!!!

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  1. I got a skinny long one too. She never had rolls of fat and all the bodysuits had huge gaping leg openings that flapped in the wind around her bird legs. Lucky tall skinny girls they are!