Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just a day in the life....

at the Willis household, that is.......

Morning, yes, we are still in our pjs......on a good day we're dressed by 9.....

EC finally relieved that brother has left her alone for a few moments.....he is constantly kissing, touching, just on her! Poor thing, I'm sure she is finally relieved when it's naptime and we either go for a run (while Casey is with her, as he is downstairs usually studying/planning; I don't leave her alone :)
or Reed gets room time and I shower or just try to do a few household things
Ahhh, around 1ish Reed takes his nap, and usually EC is still alone time for me, to hopefully be productive and not procrastinate all the things I "should" be doing! Then around 2ish EC wakes up and we have some "girl time", just the two of us, and it's so sweet! Photo sessions occur often in this time too!

Then there is the late afternoon rush! Trying to get dinner, etc. As you can see I usually have a "friend" with me in the kitchen. At this moment he is happy on his "bycycle" as he calls it since he is eating a tortilla chip! Unless he is occupied he tends to have a hard time waiting for dinner to be ready!

And now there is more quiet/alone time for me here in the evening. Since Casey has gone back to the campus and all are in bed sound asleep by 8:00!
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  1. Sounds hectic, but fun! However, I think I'll just stick to the one for now... keepin' it simple... :)

  2. I think you are a great mom! I know you work hard at trying to balance it all. Being home fulltime is both joyful and exhausting and this if often overlooked by many. I remember those days well when you and your 3 sisters were all under 5...whew!!
    I wish I was around the corner so I could give you more breaks for time for you. I know it is such a challenge to make time for yourself.
    I admire your dedicated heart that tirelessly gives and takes care of your family. I look forward to visiting soon.
    Love you,

  3. Erica,
    We meet up in blog land!
    It has been fun catching up on your family & your life... your children are beautiful!
    Our lives are a little different now than when we were in Nashville, eh? :)
    SO glad that we are in touch again!