Friday, September 19, 2008


Reed has really had a verbal explosion in the past couple of months! It's so exciting and fun to see him attempting to talk so much more. I thought I'd write here some of my favorites, I just don't want to forget any of them.

luv lu: love you
egga: eggs
Go Dawga: (this is daddy's favorite) for Go Dawgs!
fweet baby: sweet baby (as he pats EC on the head or gives her a kiss)
take Teddy, take Mo: he constantly wants to take his Teddy and Elmo when he leaves his room!
sak: snack (which seems to be requested quite often throughout the day; the boy loves to eat!)
see kruk: see truck
see cycle: see motorcycle (sometimes it is mocycle)
call my: Call My Name (most requested's by Third Day and he loves it)
sik: music (lately he is wanting to go to his room all the time to play and hear his music I have in his cd player in there)
fader/faber: Father (Reed will imitate us in prayer; usually just 1-2 words at a time, it's the sweetest thing ever!)
ta tu: thank you

It's late, so this is all coming to mind right now. I need to write down some other cute ones as I hear them so I can remember them as well. There are just so many new things he is saying lately, he really is such a parrot. We have to watch what we say or we hear it immediately, yikes! I can't believe my sweet baby boy will be 2 years old next week! How is he almost 2??!!! I just want to savor and remember every little thing he does! Oh and I'm just even so convicted right now as the petty, little things frustrate me way too easily. Oh how I need the Lord's mercy and grace so I can parent graceful to my children. They are such sweet blessings and what a privilege it is to be entrusted with their impressionable little hearts, how I don't deserve it at all. But my prayer is that the Lord will continue to equip me, as I look to Jesus for the strength to love them and point them to their need for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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  1. So sweet! You will be so glad that you wrote these things down. It is so much fun when they have bursts of language like that. You are right, being a parent is so convicting. I don't know how people do it without Jesus!