Friday, September 12, 2008

A laughing girl, and GO VOLS!!!!

Finally! I did get Emery-Claire laughing on camera, yeah! But yes it's the annoying clicking camera (still can't figure out the real video camera as I said earlier this week) so bear with us in the sound, and my poor filming ability as I'm trying to get her to giggle and holding the camera at the same time!

Listen closely, for yes, a "GO VOLS!" (sounds like "go bawls")And then of course I did (to be fair to Casey) get a "GO DAWGS" (sounds like "go dawga")too. Then I tried to get him to sing this song he loves to sing constantly, "Jesus, Jesus" but he wouldn't do it. He only said "Jesus" and precedes to bang the yogurt cup on the table while whining to get down b/c he was "done." Funny story yesterday......I went to get Reed from his nap and was trying to get him to say "go vols", and he did. So when we got downstairs Casey was in the office and I had him say it again, and he did. Then Casey preceded to get him to say "go dawgs" and Reed responded with "NO!" I couldn't help but laugh hysterically! That's my boy!

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