Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Reed!

Reed you are such a sweet big brother, and I know that Emery-Claire will grow to love you and be so thankful for you!

I can't believe that exactly 2 years ago today (9:47 am to be exact) our sweet baby born came into our lives! He has been such an unbelievable precious blessing.We have been in awe of the Lord's gracious goodness to us through him! Sweet boy we love you so much, and are so thankful for the things that you continue to teach us, and that we have the privilege of being chosen to parent and raise you. We know that we will continue to fall short, but pray that most importantly we are able to point you to the One who constantly remains faithful to us when we are not. We continue to pray that as He uses two sinners to show you that Jesus is the only hope and only way in a world tainted in sin. We pray that your heart of stone be turned into a heart of flesh, and that you will never remember a day that you didn't know our Lord and Savior Jesus! We love you so much sweet, sweet boy, but Jesus loves you most of all! Happy 2nd Birthday little Reeder!

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